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Design Service

While we gladly accept artwork for all of our products, we do offer an in-house design service for those customers who require a little help. This includes checking artwork and creating proofs (both free of charge), amending 'rejected' artwork and a fully bespoke creative service.

We have recruited designers from both creative and marketing backgrounds, focused on making sure that your printed materials will deliver the right message in the right way.

Our designers are both familiar with our product range and their templates, and experienced at making them effective in promoting your brand. We have worked directly with branding teams at established UK companies such as Cancer Research UK, and we are confident that we can design within the parameters of any brand or visual style. 

Below is a breakdown of how we charge for our design services. If in doubt then drop us an email or give us a call on 01522 778805 to discuss your next project and design options in more detail.
  • Supply our print templates and artwork guidelines and offer advice on how to set up files for print.
  • Thoroughly check artwork sent to us to make sure that is it ready to print at the highest quality.
  • Create proofs for all artwork supplied to us.
£20 One off charge
  • Amend any 'rejected' artwork to ensure that it is print-ready.
  • Resize or scale artwork.
  • Apply artwork to our templates.
  • Convert colours to the correct colour profile.
  • Proof read for basic spelling and grammar errors.
  • Add printing marks and amend 'safe zones' where required.
  • Send us a detailed brief, and we're able to quote based on estimates from our design team.
  • Design print-ready artwork for all our product range.
  • Re-create your ideas or produce a variety of original design options.
  • Access to professional stock photos.
  • Access to our library of fonts and unique design elements.
  • Redraw logos in the correct format.
  • Guaranteed to print at the very highest quality.
  • Proof read for spelling and grammar errors and double check important details.
  • Includes one free amend, just in case we don't get it quite right the first time.